Iron Man Shooting Shirt

I wanted to create something that I hadn’t seen in sports, a full 360 Iron Man Armor Shooter, that looked like it could actually be real armor. Completely Vector Art, three collections were released over two years, and it was a very popular request for teams to order armor shooters in their team’s colors. This was simple as the colors could be updated with a simple find and replace with the shading effects layered over top.

From 2013-2015
Vector Illustration
Pro Athletics

Series 1 – Classic

Series 1 – Iron Patriot

Series 1 – Iron Canuck

Series 1 – South Beach

Vector Graphic designed to be easy to change colors for custom team orders.

Vector Detail

Series 2 – Stealth Armor

Series 2 – Iron Crab

Series 2 – Iron Bear

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Series 3 was created for the 2014 World Lacrosse Games in Denver.
We chose to showcase 8 countries and featured the mockups in our online store for presale that would go into production and deliver before the games.

Series 3 – United States

Series 3 – Canada

Series 3 – Iroquois

Series 3 – England

Series 3 – Japan

Series 3 – Australia

Series 3 – Ireland

Series 3 – Italy