New England Patriots Safeties

I was asked by 2016 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots Safeties Coach, Steve Belichick, to create a retro cartoon Inspired WWII inspired t-shirt design which would be an end of the year gift to the starting Patriots safeties. I was given a brief that laid out the main text should be “Safety Squadron”, a WWII Bomber, and cartoon version of each of the five safeties with short text about their personality and where they should be, my goal was to create a balanced design that stayed true to the information I was given.

New England Patriots Safeties
December 2016
Retro Cartoon T-Shirt Design
New England Patriots

It was important that each character on the tee reflected their personalities and fit in a balanced way. The B-17 “Flying Fortress” was the perfect fit as the inspiration for the bomber.

Final tee design and placement.

I worked from a photo provided of each player’s current look. I then aligned them to make sure the 5 cartoon versions all had the same scale and dimension.

Pat Chung and Devon McCourty’s daughter wearing the tee.